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Food lover, Founder
I’ve always been a lover of food. I enjoy eating, sharing, cooking and talking about food. But loving food as much as I do and maintaining a healthy diet isn’t always easy, particularly when you are frequently dining out with friends who may not share the same food and diet principles.

But it is possible to maintain a healthy diet (and approach to food) and still enjoy the finer things in life! My approach to food is to enjoy what I eat and enjoy the way it makes me feel. To me, the food that I eat has a huge influence on the way I feel – both physically and mentally. So it’s important that I give my body what it really needs, whilst not feeling like I am restricting myself.

Having experimented with many different diets in the past with mixed results, I decided to try what people had been raving about – the paleo diet.

What exactly is the paleo diet? Strictly speaking, the diet attempts to simulate the way humans would have eaten in the paleolithic age, long before foods were heavily refined through industrialised processes. It’s pretty common knowledge nowadays that processed foods are generally not good for our health.

So I started my own personal journey of exploring how I could change my diet to eliminate things like processed sugar and grains, and replace them with more natural ingredients to provide a balanced diet. What I found most challenging is sourcing alternative solutions, particularly since I lead a busy lifestyle and I don’t always have the luxury of preparing my own foods from scratch.

I have found that there are many options out there that are paleo-friendly – the trick is to think creatively. The paleo diet doesn’t have to be limiting at all. What I have learned is that you can still enjoy all the foods you love and crave. And the truth is, once you get used to it, you will enjoy the paleo version of everyday food more than the normal version!

So if you enjoy food and fine dining as much as I do, I hope that this website will provide you with some inspiration for eating out, on the run and enjoying a wide range of culinary (paleo friendly) delights.

We’ll also try to share great recipes and ideas to try at home.

Bon appetite!
Food lover