How to make homemade bacon

This homemade bacon recipe comes from our friends over at Paleo Leap. For more delicious paleo recipes visit the Paleo Leap website.
Homemade Bacon Recipe

Do you love hearing the sizzle of bacon in the pan on a lazy Sunday morning, but hate spending forever in the grocery store trying to find a brand that isn’t packed with sugar and chemicals? Or did you ever think of how much better your bacon would be if only you could add a little more spice, or a slightly different flavor? If you’re willing to be a little patient with the process, making your own bacon saves you all the doubt of hunting through the grocery-store options, and gives you total control over the result from start to finish: no sugar, no additives, and whatever seasonings your heart desires.

To achieve this feat of culinary mastery, all you’ll really need is a mix of your favorite seasonings, a big chunk of pork belly, and enough time to let it all cure. One reason why bacon is so delicious is the food curing process – it takes about a week for the flavor of the spices to really permeate the meat, so this isn’t a recipe you can prepare the same day. Rushing the process will only leave you disappointed; give the bacon time to mature, and you’ll thank yourself when you sit down to enjoy it.

Because you’re starting from scratch with this recipe, it’s easily adaptable to whatever kind of flavors you like. Some suggested spices are listed below, but it’s totally up to you what blend you’d like to use. You can add some raw honey if you like it sweet, or leave it out for a strictly sugar-free product. As an added bonus, it also contains much less salt than the usual store-bought bacon. It’s the ideal way to enjoy bacon without any lingering doubts about where it came from or what’s in it – just guilt-free deliciousness!