Passionfruit Mojito Kombucha Tea

I was introduced to kombucha tea by my amazing doctor about three years ago to help heal my son’s severe tummy issues. My entire family are now addicted to this sparkly fermented probiotic rich beverage. Coming up with new flavor ideas is really fun and I’m so excited to share my passionfruit mojito kombucha tea recipe. I am really loving this combination of flavours with the fragrant passionfruit that reminds me of the soda passiona I drank as a kid! Hope you enjoy it too.

Kombucha tea has a long list of benefits including boosting your immune system, aiding digestion, assisting with weight loss and controlling cravings. It is also rich in B vitamins which is great for vegans and vegetarians. You can read more about the benefits here and find out how to start brewing your own. Once you have your own brew started you can learn how to flavour the kombucha tea with a second fermentation like this passionfruit mojito kombucha tea recipe. The flavor options are endless.

Passionfruit Mojito Kombucha Tea

You will need:

1 x 1 litre capacity bottle with flip top lid (preferable or a recycled glass bottle with screw top lid will work) washed with hot water and distilled (white) vinegar, allow the bottle to cool
900mls already fermented kombucha tea (best to bottle when it is still slightly sweet, otherwise add 1 tsp organic sugar)
1 passionfruit
Juice of 1 lime
3 sprigs of mint
Funnel and strainer


When your first fermentation is ready, remove ½ cup of the fermented tea and scoby’s for your next batch.

Put the passionfruit pulp, lime juice and mint in the bottle. If the fermented tea is more sour than sweet, add ½-1 tsp organic sugar (this will help create a nice fizzy finish).

Using a funnel with strainer placed on top to catch all the stringy bits, pour the remaining fermented tea into your bottle. It is really important to leave at least 5cm from the top of the bottle for the gas to accumulate. This will reduce the likelihood of the bottle exploding.

The second fermentation will be ready in 2 – 4 days depending on the temperature. Take care when opening as it may spray out like a shaken can of soda and you will lose half the bottle!

Store in the fridge if you prefer to drink it cold.

The bottles will last about 1-2 weeks before becoming too sour. It’s really important to ‘burp’ the bottles to allow the gas to escape to prevent exploding bottles (it has happened to me a few times when I have forgotten especially when summer comes and it heats up).